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Our Services
Our Home Staging/ Decoration Services include:
  • Initial Consultation: 1-2 hour consultation with verbal recommendations;
  • Full Consultation & Written Report – Initial Consultation plus Full Report & check-list style Action Plan;
  • Optional tailor made packages; kitchen or bathroom design projects; walk in robe/ wardrobe projects; 
  • Home Staging;
  • Designing & hourly rates are also available.

The Jaksis & Co Pty Ltd designer Inga Jakse will guide you every step of the way to finding the right colors and furniture arrangements for your decorating project. Inga Jakse will start the color discussion/ exploration with careful observation of what is already in your home ( including art, collectibles and perhaps your towels in bathroom), for clues about what colors you are drawn to and find appealing.
Inga works with you to develop a unique color palette for your home that is a reflection of how you want to live in your space.
Home Staging goal is to make your home clean, organized and welcoming so you and potential buyers can picture living there.

Pricing is determined by the size and complexity of the project.
Please feel free to discuss your budget requirements.
Contact us on +61 420 677 517
Initial Consultation:
  • Solutions to creating the style of your house for your needs
  • Room by room we can suggest ways to create welcoming and spacious rooms by choosing the best furniture layout
  • Consultation on color schemes, artwork & accessory placement
  • Designing and re-designing living areas.
Comprehensive Written Report
Initial Consultation as above, plus the following written information:
  • A written Report & ‘Checklist Style’ Action Plan that covers design ideas, approach & entry to the property, each room & outdoor entertainment areas
  • Suggested floor plans for design of furniture, artwork & accessory placement
  • Suggested color Palette to work from
  • Photographs highlighting specific problems areas with suggested improvements with property styling requirements explained
  • Approximate estimates on costs involved in suggested changes
Project management
We can provide full Project Management to ensure that the project is completed to your satisfaction.                   
                                This services is ideal for:
  • People who are time poor
  • Out of town investors
  • Anyone facing the difficult task of selling a deceased estate or
  • Simply anyone who needs some-one else to oversee their project.
Following our Report & Action Plan as above and after agreeing to the relevant specifications with you, we’ll project manage the work necessary to be carried out.

Packages and hourly rates
Our package rates are determined by individual needs and do vary depending on the extent of the project. Once we have a clear picture of what needs to be achieved we can give you a more accurate indication of costs involved.

Our consultations start from $120.00 and do vary depending on your unique requirements & circumstances. The return on this investment is a home that you will really enjoy and at the same time increase its value.
For further inquiries or to book your consultation now
                                         T:+61 420 677 517.
Alternatively leave us a message by clicking through to our website Contact Us and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.
The first step - discussing your needs
This is possibly the most important part of your consultation as it takes into consideration what outcomes are most important to you, possible time frames or budget restraints you’re dealing with & how your particular situation will influence the direction you decide to take.

With a better understanding of your situation we’ll then proceed with the viewing & consultation on your house. Starting with the house approach & entry areas, followed by a room to room walk through the home & including outdoor entertainment areas.

For more information or to book your consultation e-mail to info@jaksiscodesign.com.au
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